Blazin’ Mustard Hot Sauce

01/06/2021 johnnyheat 0

Blazin’ Mustard Reviews KTB Spicy Review of Blazin’ Mustard! Here are a few comments from her review: “Definitely brightened my day..”“Absolutely delicious”“Sweet out the gate…as soon as you swallow it, the Scorpion Peppers start stingin…”“definitely […]

Grim Peacher Hot Sauce

02/26/2020 johnnyheat 0

Grim Peacher Reviews Check out the review of our Grim Peacher Hot Sauce by the awesome Heat 101 Team! “I could put that on everything”, “Definitely chilehead level”, “That Fireball adds something special..”, “whew…that’s good..” Dark and […]

Peachanero Hot Sauce

02/26/2020 johnnyheat 0

Reviews: Katie B. Saucy Peachanero Hot Sauce Review Bill Moore’s Peachanero Hot Sauce Review Pepper Baby Burns Flash Point Peach Sauces Reviews

Smolderin’ Chipotle Hot Sauce

05/28/2018 johnnyheat 0

Smolderin’ Chipotle Awards: 2019 Scovie Awards 2nd Place in the Hot Sauce Medium Category. 2018 Fiery Food Challenge 3rd Place @ ZestFest in the Mild/Medium Chipotle Style Category! Reviews: Bill Moore’s Smolderin’ Chipotle Review

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