A Match Made in Heaven!

08/21/2022 johnnyheat 0

Talk about a match made in heaven! Our Award-Winning Mustards and the Iconic Roast Grill Hot Dogs! Serving great dogs since 1940! If you in the Raleigh NC Area, stop by. But be prepared to […]

It’s National Mustard Day!

08/06/2022 johnnyheat 0

Happy National Mustard Day from Flash Point Sauces!All who know us, know how special Mustard is to us! Our Mustards are some of the favorites in the hot sauce community and we’d like to celebrate! […]

Blazin’ Mustard Hot Sauce

01/06/2021 johnnyheat 0

Blazin’ Mustard Reviews KTB Spicy Review of Blazin’ Mustard! Here are a few comments from her review: “Definitely brightened my day..”“Absolutely delicious”“Sweet out the gate…as soon as you swallow it, the Scorpion Peppers start stingin…”“definitely […]